hi my name is monikaand i like make edits

this blog is
80% bands
20% other
99,5% b&w

i waiting for
city of heavenly fire by cassandra clare
american horror story season 4

Watching: misfits

Reading: Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor

Listening to: my chemical romance, 30 seconds to mars

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Last hope at Leeds festival 23.08.14 [x]


what she says: no

what she really means: no

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Anonymous said: I guess my friend likes me but I don't feel the same way (at all) and my cousin keeps telling him to ask me out which makes it awkward for me bc I don't want to say yes.. Something like this ever happened to you?

no, rather not. but once it was a boy who i like and he act like he liked me too, but one day he just stop contact to me. i don’t know why till today. so i think you just should tell him what you feel about it (if he ever ask you out). it’s better to tell true than deceive. like people say: lies hurt every time, truth only once. i hope everything will be okay

you should totally talk to me cuz why not?

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Anonymous said: my crush is too good for me. he is probably the kindest person I know, and is friends with everyone pretty much. Like... That kid never says anything mean?? even if you're a total dickwad to him, he's still nice to you. He's beautiful too, he's tall and tan and has a really great smile.. he's always smiling. He's tall, he's at least 6'2. He's really smart too. He's in all honors classes and is passing them all. He's my friend, but I feel so dumb for liking him. You can't even compare us...

i think you can’t say that you aren’t good for him. maybe he think that you are beautiful too? maybe he like the way your eyes looks when you smiling? or maybe he just think about you like of good friend? only him know what is in his mind. and unless you try to talk with him you will never know. i think sometimes you just must take a risk. everything depends to you, if you give him any sign or continue to treat him as a friend

you should totally talk to me cuz why not?


should i message them again or am i just being really clingy and annoying: a life story by me

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